Develop and scale your teams while maintaining your Day One culture.

Maintain early alignment, engagement and retention. Attract talent and cultivate your culture. Bleexo supports the hyper-growth of teams.

We needed a powerful and easy-to-use tool: this is the case with Bleexo.
Rémy Companyo
Co-founder of ilek

More than 200 companies use Bleexo

Bleexo simplifies the life of (D)HR

Bringing a global solution to your problems

Use HR-datas-analytics to monitor the soft-skills of your teams.

With strong insights, pilot and improve in real time the level of collaboration and commitment of your teams. Scan and develop the quality of management.

Keep it simple and powerful at the same time.

Automations, real time, flexibility and elegant UX, Bleexo is designed for startups.

Create HR value.

Give your teams the means to grow and gain power to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Companies trust us to improve engagement and performance.

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Apostrophe testimony

Giving voice

Bleexo is a solution that allows us to monitor, understand the issues of employees and give them a voice.

Rémy C.
Co-founder of ilek

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