Connect Bleexo to your tools

Save time with the SSO connection and the public API and connect your HRIS to Bleexo.

Product video
Visual integration of the Bleexo platform


Set up single sign-on (SSO) simply on the Bleexo platform via third-party identity providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azure, or OneLogin to simplify login for all your employees.

Visual SSO SAML integration
Visual illustrating the public API

Public API

With the public API, automate the synchronization of your employees and your organization in Bleexo. Your repository is always up to date in Bleexo.

Apostrophe testimony
Quick set up

The implementation was done very quickly, and the deployment of the tool was optimized between each test phase. The support is well established.

Testimonial Jérôme marlot - ISAGRI company
Jérôme M.
HR and QWL Development Manager at Isagri

SME or ETI, each with its ownBleexo tool

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