Social climate, QWL and commitment

Monitor the social climate, improve QWL, optimize commitment

Because they know that QWL, social climate and employee experience are strategic and complex, companies use the Bleexo global solution, from analysis to action, from global to local.

More than 200 companies use Bleexo

73 %
of employees think that QWL is as important as salary.
Source Toluna
14 %
reduced turnover thanks to employee commitment.
Source Hays Group
17 %
of additional production observed in companies that promote employee engagement actions.
Source Gallup
Bleexo simplifies the life of (D)HR

Bringing a global solution to your problems

A complete solution to a global problem

QWL is multifactorial: material conditions, pride of belonging, daily management, team spirit, feelings of recognition, personal development... . Bleexo is designed to respond to this globality. Measuring, improving, coaching, managing, cooperating: everything is in Bleexo.

QWL is fluctuating and volatile. Move to real time

By combining a 100% customizable "pulse" survey, contextualized questionnaires intended for a specific population at a given moment, real-time diagnostics and targeted coaching, you are able to stay in tune with the field without lag. The employee experience shines.

Target your efforts. Optimize your ROI

Stay focused: continuous measurement, targeted questionnaires by population, multi-level analysis, follow-up of corrective actions and their ROI. Tailor solutions perfectly to the issues at hand. QWL and employee experience are winners.

Apostrophe testimony

Transparency and sincerity

Bleexo is a breakthrough: employees were very positive about the implementation of Bleexo. They felt valued because they had proof that we were interested in what they thought and experienced.

Aude L.
HR manager at OUTSCALE

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The commitment and performance platform dedicated to SMEs and SMBs

Bleexo module logo - Pulse

Take the pulse of your teams

100% customizable and automatic, companies use Pulse to make the right HR decisions, improve the employee and team experience.

Overview of the Pulse module
Bleexo module logo - 360° Feedback
360° Feedback

Transform your interviews by switching to a 360° evaluation

To develop the performance of their employees, companies use our 360° Feedback, which focuses on the future and collaboration.

Overview of the 360° Feedback module
Bleexo module logo - Ask

Create your own customized surveys

An event, a project, a context? Companies use ASK to survey a targeted population at a given time on a current topic.

Overview of the Ask module
Bleexo module logo - Coaching

Get inspired and take action

Advice from certified coaches, to-do lists, follow-up... companies use Coaching to inspire managers, launch and pilot targeted projects.

Overview of the Coaching module
Bleexo module logo - Bravo

Establish a culture of positive feedback

Companies use Bravo to deploy the culture of positive recognition and values alignment.

Overview of the Bravo module
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